Weaving Magic

When my daughter was born, I momentarily turned into a domestic goddess. I was baking and making. I didn't feel that pregnancy glow that people sometimes speak about but I did feel a post birth glow. Until sleep deprivation kicked in. In the midst of my crafty storm, I decided to be swept along with the recent weaving trend. So I started a small wall hanging for my niece's 'big girl room'. I got inspiration from this amazing U.S. blog - A Beautiful Mess

My niece's birthday is in Spring and the arrival of her sister or brother is expected not long after so I thought that by starting a wall hanging in June, I was bound to complete it in time! It was lucky I allowed so much time. Especially when the grumpiness, procrastination and lack of motivation arrived along with the prolonged lack of sleep. 

My niece's big girl room was themed in pink, white and gold so I bought wool in those colours in lots of different sizes and textures. My handy father-in-law made the loom from an old picture frame and nails. And without further ado, I started weaving!