A (hall)way to brighten your day

It is a lasting memory of the fun we had with friends and family on the day we were married. It is handmade by a local weaver in Mackay. It has wonderful bright colours and it is soft underfoot.

Hallway Runner

It is our hallway runner which we commissioned Pam Hutley to make with the money that was gifted to us on our wedding day. When we renovated our kitchen and bathroom, we also ripped up all the carpet in the bedrooms and had the timber floors polished. It has made a world of difference in regards to reducing dust and hayfever symptoms. But, it is nice to walk on the hallway runner with it's 100% wool. We chose the heavier duty version because it is in the main hallway of our home. Pam buys the woollen fleeces, dyes them and then spins it into yarn. She tries to use natural dyes where possible. All of the dyes in our runner are natural except for the black. The yarn is then woven on the loom into the finished product. We are so happy with it. It always brightens our day!

Hand woven Hallway Runner